Leith Macarthur
Leith Macarthur with Planet Groove – Summer 2002
Leith Macarthur - Ibanez 5 String Bass
Leith Macarthur – Ibanez 5 String Bass

Leith was born in Boston, Massachusetts. His mother was a gifted, classically trained pianist. Proficient with multiple instruments, his father was the director of music for both the Weston and Wayland school systems and was also the founder of the MacArthur Music store in Waltham, MA. 

At the age of six, Leith began experimenting with various instruments—trumpet, cornet, drums, piano—before settling on the trumpet. He played the horn until the age of twelve. Leith didn’t play another musical note until the age of 51, when his girlfriend, Patti, commented that he often hummed the bass lines to his favorite songs. Patti surprised Leith with a bass guitar for Christmas. During the following year, Leith taught himself to how to play the instrument and then set out to find a band. 

Leith and Ajay Coletta, a talented local drummer, collaborated to form the Latin-jazz-fusion band Planet Groove. Leith continued as co-leader and bass player for Planet Groove for eight years. During that time, the band produced a number of cd’s, two of which are available for listening below. 

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2001 Planet Groove
“Joy Ride”

Larry Barron – Aaron Wade-
John Medeiros – Leith MacArthur – Ajay Coletta

1998 Planet Groove
“Forbidden City”

Chris Zarlenga – Jeff Goulart –
John Medeiros – Leith MacArthur – Ajay Coletta