The Death of Harry Crow

As identical twins Annie and Bailey Crow celebrate their fourteenth birthday, their father Harry is involved in a fiery three-car crash that leaves all occupants dead. Four years after the accident, Annie suddenly vanishes, and her boyfriend is found murdered. Getting little assistance from the police, Annie’s mother seeks the help of William Snow, a…

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The Finding Man

William Snow is a man obsessed. When he was a child, despite having been forewarned to the tragedy, he was unable to prevent the abduction and murder of his six-year-old sister, Sabrina. Today, under the most unlikely of circumstances, Snow meets Amber-Lee Alvarado, a six-year-old who bears an uncanny resemblance to Sabrina. When Snow discovers…

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An Artificial Life

An Artificial Life is the heartfelt account of a boy’s struggle to become a man. It begins in post-war, small town America—a near perfect place to grow up—and quickly spirals into drug abuse, violence, and a fight for physical, emotional, and spiritual survival. This is more than a grinding tale of addiction, this is a…

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