GALVIN REVIEW – The Death of Harry Crow

When you sit down by the fire to read Leith C. MacArthur’s latest thriller, The Death of Harry Crow, you’d better hold on to your hat. The story charges right out of the gate with a deadly multi-car crash, a murder, the kidnapping of a teenage girl, and The Driver—a strange man in a truck with an equally strange cargo. The action comes at a blistering pace and it never lets up. 

By creating detailed visual settings, vivid characters, evocative dialogue, and a narrative that fuels an explosive plot, MacArthur not only pulled me into the story, he dragged me into the horror and never let go.
And The Driver scared the hell out of me!
If you like thrillers, The Death of Harry Crow is a must-read!


A teacher of writing for more than four decades, Jack Galvin has published thirty-five articles in both regional and national magazines, and he co-wrote the award winning Within Reach, a harrowing account of Mt. Everest’s deadliest disaster. Jack continues to teach The Circle of Scholars program at Salve Regina University.