The Finding Man

The Finding Man - Leith C. Macarthur

William Snow is a man obsessed. When he was a child, despite having been forewarned to the tragedy, he was unable to prevent the abduction and murder of his six-year-old sister, Sabrina. Today, under the most unlikely of circumstances, Snow meets Amber-Lee Alvarado, a six-year-old who bears an uncanny resemblance to Sabrina. When Snow discovers that Amber-Lee’s stepfather is not only a drug dealer but a pedophile, and that two hitmen have been contracted to kill the entire Alvarado family, he realizes he’s been given something he’s been seeking his whole life—the chance to prevent the murder of an innocent child, the chance to achieve redemption.

When the Alvarados suddenly disappear, Snow engages in a desperate life-or-death race against time as he tries to locate the missing family before the hitmen find them. Feeling as helpless as he did the day his sister’s body was found, William Snow realizes that if he fails again, not only will he have failed Amber-Lee, he’ll have lost any hope of saving himself.