The Man In The Moon

Man On The Moon - Leith C. Macarthur

Due to his uncanny ability to locate missing children, William Snow is rightfully called “The Finding Man”.

Suffering from PTSD after his involvement in a particularly disturbing case, Snow and his girlfriend Paula are looking forward to a peaceful, healing vacation in remote Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia. The couple rent the old McKenzie place, a farmhouse that sits on a cliff overlooking the sea. After checking in to the “unoccupied” house, Snow has an unsettling vision of Billy, a six-year-old boy who lived in the house thirty years before. Snow soon learns that Billy survived the slaughter of his entire family, only to be buried alive in the back yard by the killer. 

The vacation turns out to be anything but healing as Snow feels compelled to research not only the decades-old McKenzie murders, but the truth behind the burying of Billy McKenzie by the killer locals call “The Man on the Moon”. As he uncovers new facts about the murders and the town’s bloody history, Snow is threatened by a family of ruthless men who rule over the town with intimidation and cruelty. 

William Snow quickly learns that even in places of natural beauty, evil can flourish beneath the idyllic promise of paradise.